Mocom develops sustainable TPV, EPDM | Rubber News

2022-11-23 12:47:37 By : Mr. Jack Hong

HAMBURG, Germany—German compounder Mocom Compounds GmbH & Co. has developed a thermoplastic vulcanizate elastomer (TPV), produced from recycled PP (rPP) as well as, on request, partly bio-based raw materials such as bio-EPDM.

For the range, labelled Alfater XL ECO, the rPP is based on post-industrial-recyclate (PIR), whereas the partly bio-based EPDM has a bio-content of 70 percent. Plastic Molding Development

Mocom develops sustainable TPV, EPDM | Rubber News

According to Mocom, the rPP and bio-based content of the TPV depends on its hardness.

The rPP content for hard Alfater XL ECO grades, like Shore D50, for example, can be more than 80 percent, while in soft TPV the bio-based content is respectively high.

“With this mix of raw materials, the production of sustainable TPV materials with different levels of CO2 saving potentials is possible,” the company said.

As an example, if the virgin PP in a peroxide-crosslinked, Shore A60 grade is replaced by rPP, CO2 savings of about 20 percent can be achieved.

In addition, if the fossil-based EPDM is replaced by bio-EPDM (70 percent bio-based content), CO2 savings of more than 50 percent can be achieved, according to Mocom’s analyses.

And if the mineral oil is replaced by a bio-based oil, CO2 savings of more than 90 percent can be achieved, the compounder added.

The new Alfater grades, Mocom said, can be used in typical TPV processes, including injection molding, extrusion and press blow molding.

The ECO TPV materials are also suitable for 2K molding and are said to exhibit “excellent adhesion” to polyolefins, such as PE and PP, and to thermoplastic elastomers.

Target applications include automotive bellows, gaskets and seals, as well as plugs, buttons, dampers and protectors, and profiles

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Mocom develops sustainable TPV, EPDM | Rubber News

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